NATA or National aptitude test in architecture exam mainly measures the finesse of an aspiring candidate in the field of architecture. The assessment measures drawing and observation skills, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability.

Have you attended this year’s NATA exam?

How was your exam? Hope you had a very good exam time.

This is how Ignitians had the exam

Let us go through the review of ignitians and see how they are confident enough to score well.

Our students opted for our 1-year training programme for NATA in advance. They joined Ignite for NATA coaching while they were doing their higher secondary qualification and not after completing Plus two.

It made them more prepared, determined and aware about the important core concepts of NATA and established a strong base such that after completing their higher secondary, they applied and easily attended the exam.

Our students had reported a probability of high success rate. They said they were familiar with all the questions. Go through the model question papers in our website and you can check the percentage of questions that has been repeated from our model question papers and previous year question papers.

If you want to learn and prepare for NATA in advance during your higher secondary itself, Ignite has been offering Sunday class batches for those aspiring students. Now, let’s get on with the overall analysis of NATA exam.

Analysis on NATA 2019

Mathematics : Like every year, questions from Matrices, Algebra, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, calculus, the equation of the circlewere repeated this year also. Practicing these questions can make candidates easy to answer any questions from these important portions.

General aptitude : General aptitude will be always tricky and only a sound analytical skill can help you here. Puzzle solving, syllogism, critical reasoning, inferential reasoning, statement assumption and conclusion, pictorial reasoning, mathematical reasoning, logical operations, ven diagram, set theory, sets, union, intersection, 3-dimensional figures, visualization, understanding of isometric figuresthese are portions from which students can expect repeated questions.

Drawing : If you have done essential preparation, then you will be comfortable with freehand drawing and your skills in visualization of 2D and 3D figures can help you with scoring high marks.

Overall, our students are highly satisfied with their exam and they are expecting for high results.

Model Exam

IGNITE has been providing its aspiring candidates with best coaching classes for architecture entrance exam. Ignite has recently conducted model exams to help the students get ready for the NATA exam, which is hard to crack. It was very helpful to our students since this year’s question paper pattern was similar to the pattern provided byIgnite.

Model Papers

We have also shared a bundle of model question papers in our website. The question papers were prepared by experienced faculties, after referring relevant question patterns and important questions for the exam. In comparison to the exam conducted this year, the model question papers that was organized recently by IGNITE’s professional trainers has helped many aspiring students who wish to appear for NATA.The important portions mentioned by our faculties were included in NATA 2019

Drawing :

1) Composition using 5 shapes, square, rectangle, hexagon, circle, triangle (one shape must be used at least once) and color it using suitable medium.

2) You are looking out of the window which is made of wooden panel and horizontal rods from the living room.it is a rainy day where children are playing with paper boat in water puddle and with playing equipment’s. A tea shop is there and a hospital. Exam Preparations

To prepare for the NATA the toughest exam the candidate has to have a proper schedule to gain success in the exam.Best Institute For NATA Coaching In Thrissur

• The student first has to understand about proper mark distribution, question paper pattern and mode of answering.

• By referring the materials provided by one of the best coaching centers IGNITE provides its aspiring candidates with sufficient materials.

• Candidates who are preparing for the exam also have to improve their drawing skills.Why IGNITE?

Being a pioneer in NATA coaching, IGNITE the best institute for NATA coaching helps in steering the candidate’s career in the field of Architecture. Their hard work and dedication is the key for their success. To crack the most challenging exam the aspiring candidate would need a professional help. IGNITE provides a highly trained and knowledgeable faculties with technical expertise to train the candidates. Their expertise in the field helps in shaping the aspiring student to face their fear of examination.One of the best NATA coaching centre, IGNITE focuses on the interests and weaker points of their candidate’s performance.

Hence model exam for NATA has helped students who wish to pursue architecture course to be prepared and ready to face the toughest exam. IGNITE the best education institution that have been providing optimum classes for Architecture exam have recently helped aspiring candidates to prove their mettle in the field of architecture. Aspiring students who wish to appear for NATA can go through the online portal and avail practice model question paper.

Nata coaching is a task indeed, but not for students of Ignite, because only students of ignite are trained for NATA in way like no one has. So lets do one thing why don’t you just come down to Ignite, and let us make sure to help you fly high and score a great score for the next Nata Exam, Come Join Ignite.

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