Another remarkable success for Ignite Academy

Another remarkable occasion for the Ignite academy. Our students have scored excellent results for the latest Nata & Jee exam. We all know that the National Aptitude Test in Architecture & JEE is not an easy task until proper guidelines and coaching is provided. We are proud that our students have scored excellent marks in this exam thus we can confidently say that our team’s hard work, dedication, influence in the students’ learning have created a great role molding their victory.

Now let’s share some of the results with you because the next turn is yours. If you are willing to create a career in architecture, with ignite academy we can offer the best beginning for your successful life. Moreover from past experiences and results, it’s very clear that Ignitians have always scored what they desired. You can go through our website and academy to solidify your thought before joining our academy if required. Moreover its always better to share the experience of a person who has gone through our academy other than talking about it. Here it is, please go through this link to know more about Ignite academy from one of our students.

Coming back to the results, 15 ignitians have scored above 99% marks in the latest JEE exam whereas a total of 30 students have scored above 95%. Overall our students were able to perform very well because continuous classes and practices made them perform faster and confident. We thank our teaching faculties to put such an extra effort to mold these students to perform in this exam and blessing them for a new beginning. Here are some of our students who scored excellent results in this JEE examination.

Talking about NATA results, like every year, ignitians were able to raise a high success rate. We are so much proud to inform that all our students have achieved a 100% pass percentage. As per student reviews, they were able to answer every question because they have gone through several model question papers in Ignite academy. We at ignite academy can promise you a bright future through our coaching & guidance from our experienced professionals. We have mentioned some of our students with excellent performance done in latest NATA exam.

A few words about Ignite academy, this coaching institution is under the leadership of IIT alumni and managed by IITians & CEPT.  As I mentioned above Nata is not an easy exam and this exam measures the aptitude of the student in architecture including drawing skills, observation skills, physics, critical thinking, etc. So proper guidelines and coaching is required to score good marks in this exam. Ignite academy has grown to a level marking as one of the top institutions for NATA & Jee in Kerala.  Moreover, you will be learning from highly professional tutors. As per reviews of previous batches, our tutors are highly skilled to keep the class awake and clear throughout the coaching making those days a bond more than a coaching institute. For more information please go through our website and we are pleased to welcome you to our academy, thank you.