AI scopes & Careers

AI scopes & Careers

Imagine yourself sitting lonely in your courtyard, there is  nobody to speak and relax. Suddenly, you can hear these warm regards.  “How are you? Have you had lunch? Why don’t you take a nap? You feel relaxed and happy. 

It is a chair made by Japan Unicare company dedicated to old people and those who feel loneliness. New advancement of technology and introduction of Artificial Intelligence made this concept a reality. The scope and careers in Artificial intelligence course has sizeable length and breadth.


What is AI? 

In simple words, it is designing or creating intelligence to non humans. Intelligence was considered to be the characteristic of human being. Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. But late 1950s experiments conducted and a new branch of engineering developed, thus devising artificial intelligence training courses. The term was first coined by Mc Carthy in 1956 and made famous by computer mathematician, Alan Turing. After the success of his devised experiment. The experiment proved the possibility of developing intelligence to artifacts. 

Artificial intelligence course

Have you ever realised the impact of artificial intelligence course in our daily life? 

Knowingly or unknowingly,  we are the beneficiaries of this amazing technology. From washing machines to chatbots we depend on this. When you visit E-commerce websites and shops, using social networking sites, using virtual assistants on these every accounts background score is played by AI


Infinite possibilities

Driving force of today’s technological  world is AI. Possibilities and use are immense, stretching into other areas. The application of AI is not limited to technical and automation field, instead it encompasses healthcare, banking, cyber security, mobile technology, homes, IT, education and so on. Healthcare robotics and Ai is used to detect patient’s well being and health status. Banks are another sphere, where lots of data coming and fraudulent pranks happen. Homes, we can buy a robot or Ai implemented device to various needs. If we can afford a humanoid one , it will be beneficial to us in many ways. Thus, 


What is the message?

AI is a scientific discipline where its scope are vast and stretching. 

The scope and future of AI is immense. So, pursuing a study programme in the best AI course is a wise decision as well as a need of today’s. Artificial intelligence course syllabus comprises complex algorithms, formulas, IOT, robotics, machine learning. These are developing and adapted by millions of people. We can rely on AI because of its accuracy and swiftness. Dangerous and tedious tasks can be carried out AI as its accuracy is unquestionable. Humans are becoming cybrog and everything will be automated in the future. Being a fast and developing technology AI has got utmost importance.


What are the job prospects after successful completion of AI courses?


There are plenty.

According to a recent Price Water House Coppers(PwC) report, Artificial intelligence is expected to contribute an additional $ 157 trillion to the global GDP by 2030. It is a technology of advancement AI’s career options are vast in abroad as well as India. There are many reputed colleges as well as IITs delivering various courses and artificial intelligence certification.  Data Science, IOT, Machine learning are some of the courses you can opt for. Courses in this discipline can be found out from diploma to phD. The complex structure of AI largely based on to solve problems, computational capability, finding errors……

If you have successfully completed course you can go for a wide range of jobs depending upon your specialization. 


  • Machine learning Engineer


You can design and build machine learning artefacts that process classify internet content using big data technologies such as Hadoop. Spark, storm.

artificial intelligence training courses

  • Data Scientist


Being a data scientist, you have to follow, analyse, visualize and make job related data models. You have to incorporate machine learning models in order to make on time decisions. 

  • Research Scientist


As a researcher your work mainly related to applied machine learning as well as deep learning team. You have to improve existing models and bring the best products into the market with your extensive analysis. 

  • Computer vision Engineer 


It also focus on analysis and study of computer visual related technologies, development of software components and tools. You are responsible for developing innovating computer related visual technologies. Critical thinking and problem solving skill are necessary. 

AI courses


The above mentioned are some of the prospects of AI.

There is no clear cut rule when it comes to studying AI. But it would be beneficial for the student if the or she completed education in  science stream. Graduates looking for a career and passion for AI can join our courses. Also, those who want to be an Artificial engineer. 

                       Ignite provides best coaching for artificial intelligence in Kerala. There are 3 types of AI. Namingly, analytical, humanized and human inspired. At ignite students will receive great exposure to unleash the mystery of AI and can learn its business applications. We never compromise the quality of education and our results are authentic proof. Get the refined artificial intelligence training classes especially designed by alumni of IIT & CEPT.

AI have a vast global market and demand is increasing day by day.  AI and related technology can give you a promising and flourishing career. 

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