Cracking NATA 2023 in 15 Days: A Guide with Ignite Thrissur’s Topper

Cracking the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) requires a combination of skill, preparation, and determination. While the format of the exam may change over time, it’s essential to adapt your preparation strategy accordingly.
IGNITE has always guided the students for a better performance every time. The faculties train the learners with mock tests and previous years question papers. It make the aspirant very familiar and clear with the syllabus. The individual also get the understanding about the question pattern, length and breath of the syllabus. Most importantly students were advised follow an strategy so that their learning becomes easier.

This year Our NATA topper Maria has her own mode of study to achieve her success. She has the habit of making short notes which according to her is the best way to revise the syllabus. Maria understand the each concept or theories and remember it. Except for the formulas she hasn’t by heartened anything it actually boosted her memory power and helped logic too.

She realised the role of past papers and sample papers. She regularly do those papers to make her updated and familiar with the subject

In this blog, we will guide you through a 15-day plan to crack NATA, with the support of Ignite Thrissur’s top scorer from the 2023 session. Let’s dive in!

Day 1: Understand the Exam:
Start by thoroughly understanding the NATA exam pattern, including the sections, time limits, and marking scheme. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus, especially the sections that carry significant weightage.

Day 2-3: Analyze Previous Papers:
Gather previous years’ NATA question papers and analyze them. Observe the types of questions asked, time required per question, and the difficulty level. This exercise will help you identify patterns and formulate a strategy for attempting the exam.

Day 4-5: Brush Up Your General Aptitude Skills:
NATA includes a general aptitude section comprising of logical reasoning, mathematics, and architectural awareness. Dedicate these days to revising fundamental concepts, solving practice questions, and staying updated with recent architectural developments.

Day 6-7: Strengthen Your Drawing Skills (if applicable):
In previous years, NATA included a drawing section. However, if the drawing section has been removed, you can utilize this time to focus on other relevant areas, such as three-dimensional visualization or model making. Ignite Thrissur can provide guidance and resources for these aspects.

Day 8-9: Take Mock Tests:
Simulate exam-like conditions by taking full-length mock tests. This will help you manage your time effectively, familiarize yourself with the question format, and identify areas that require improvement. Ignite Thrissur can provide mock tests and offer valuable feedback to enhance your performance.

Day 10-12: Revise and Improve:
Utilize these days to revise topics you find challenging. Seek guidance from Ignite Thrissur’s experts, who can provide personalized assistance and clarify doubts. Focus on areas where you can make significant improvements based on your mock test performance.

Day 13-14: Analyze Weak Areas:
Identify your weak areas based on your performance in mock tests and practice sessions. Spend extra time on these topics, seeking support from Ignite Thrissur. Practice selective and targeted exercises to strengthen your understanding.

Day 15: Stay Calm and Confident:
The day before the exam, relax and avoid overwhelming yourself. Revisit important formulas, revise key concepts, and take a break to rejuvenate your mind. Stay positive, confident, and trust in the efforts you’ve put in during these 15 days.


Cracking NATA in just 15 days is undoubtedly a challenging task, but with the right strategy, dedicated practice, and guidance from experts like Ignite Thrissur, it can be achieved. Adapt your preparation to align with the current exam format, focusing on general aptitude and other relevant areas. Remember to stay focused, manage your time effectively, and stay confident in your abilities. Good luck on your NATA journey, and may you achieve success in your architectural aspirations!

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