How IGNITE can help the students in their NATA/JEE preparation?

Why IGNITE Provide OUTDOOR SKETCH PROGRSMMES for the aspirants?

How  IGNITE can  help the students in their NATA/JEE preparation?

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“Architects are known for carrying sketchbooks and journals wherever they go to record fleeting ideas and impression. Often the first sketch is the last time the architect will be freed from the constraints of time, budget, program and politics. It is the moment when only the problem and its possible design solution exists, the moment when creativity appears in its purest form.”

Bill Lacy, 100 Contemporary Architects, Drawing and sketches, Thames and Hudson LTD, 1991

Drawing in a multitude of forms, has long been considered a tool of thinking for architects. The significant role the earliest design sketches have in giving visual expression to the architects’ formative insights and emerging ideas, suggests they should be of particular relevance to students and to architectural design education. With the advancement of technology, architecture has moved into the digital world. However, sketching will always remain an important part of the design and development process

As much as we admire digital technology and as often as we employ it here at the BUILD world headquarters, there will never be a replacement for sketching. Knowing how to sketch as an architect or designer is a timeless prerequisite. We don’t care what amazing new software is on your laptop, we don’t care if you just downloaded the sketchpad app for the iPhone. While important, that stuff will continue to change. And at the risk of sounding like luddites, sketching will always be sketching. If you can’t sketch out a quick-n-dirty concept on a napkin, your role as an architect will be very limited.

Why IGNITE Provide OUTDOOR SKETCH PROGRSMMES for the aspirants?

Sketching is much more than a scribble on a piece of paper. It is a powerful process that helps in discovering the best ideas and solutions to a design problem. It assists in discovering potential issues and solutions early on. Not only that,sketchingpushes to extract numerous ideas out quickly before you enter into the digital world. It also explores and explains design concepts and will always be a beneficial tool for architects to use

➢ Saves time in the workflow process

➢ Helps eliminate layout and functionality issues

➢ Great for brainstorming

➢ It is a Form of Representation

➢ architect will be able to explore and discover new things  

Each sketch has been the result of a personal journey to feel some color in the sound of people walking, laughter, wind and the music of the plazas, which welcomed me in places around in the world. That’s also how drawings begin, anywhere on the paper. Encounters with iconic architecture throughout history, filtering them within the creative process as a form of personal expression.