NATA in the times of COVID 19

The dawn of a new decade has seen the whole world thrown into chaos. A global pandemic the likes of which humanity has never seen before has ripped through the world order changing life as we know it at least for the foreseeable is safe to say that we are well into uncharted waters and with that comes a lot of uncertainty.

But humans have always overcome challenges and difficulties as a race and this will be no different. After months of the worldwide lockdown, the past few weeks have seen the life limping back to normal. The education sector like most have seen a lot of uncertainty be it the beginning of an academic year or the postponement of exam dates.

The NATA entrance exam has not been an exception. With the initial exams scheduled in  May, the global pandemic has pushed it forward a good three months with the revised dates being released recently.

The Council of Architecture, or COA, has postponed the first and second tests for NATA. The first test of the National Aptitude Test in Architecture, or NATA, is now scheduled to be held on August 28. The council is yet to decide on the dates of the second NATA test. The council has also provided the candidates with an option to appear for the aptitude test from their respective residences or council-allotted NATA exam centers.

In view of the prevalent situation in the country arising out of pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), the competent authority of the Council of Architecture has decided to postpone the ensuing First Test of NATA 2020 examination scheduled for August 01, 2020,” read a COA statement.

NATA 2020: Change of Mode of Examination

Considering the threat of COVID-19 and “keeping in mind the concerns about the health and safety of the students and the advisories and guidelines issued by various Central and State Governments”, the exam conducting body has decided to conduct both the papers of NATA in online mode. The NATA syllabus and mode of the Drawing Test of NATA has been revised. The test for Drawing, otherwise held in pen-paper mode, will now be held as a preferential choice type test which is to be answered on a computer or a laptop.

The following will now be the syllabus for the drawing test of NATA 2020.

  • Understanding the important visual principles in a composition (2D OR 3D) such as balance, rhythm, direction, hierarchy, etc.
  • Understanding geometry and the ability to visualize the shape and solve geometrical puzzles to test spatial intelligence;
  • Understanding color theory and the various terminologies to test color scheme awareness and knowledge;
  • Visual system interpretation and perception to test graphical similarities and other properties; Ability to understand the spatial relationship between objects, and to visualize images and scenarios; Tests for cognitive ability: perception, attention, recognition, memory, etc.

As far we know the rest of the syllabus has remained the same.

Yes, you read that right, no more straightforward drawing questions for this year.

Although that is a monumental change as far as the students are concerned IGNITE has always been ahead of the curve. Having successfully moved the teaching platform online well ahead of its competitors our students will have the advantage of having a better understanding of the revised syllabus.

We at IGNITE have always believed in the practical approach to sketching and modeling thus incorporating various workshops to hone the architectural aptitude of our students in real-time. Our flagship program SRISHTI is a one day workshop conducted every year that has visiting architects conducting a slew of activities to bolster the creativity and artistic sense of our students. A few activities included poster designing, prototype 3d modeling, spatial memory exercises, and live assembling.

Now with this revised syllabus IGNITE is planning to carry out extra classes and mock exams to fine-tune the preparations of its students if needed. Preparing for NATA through a well-rounded teaching style that includes equal emphasis for classroom and outdoor activities, we at IGNITE have always considered this versatility as our USP. Now that we are facing a change in the exam structure we believe that our students are better placed to fit into this new system.

Our teaching curriculum is being monitored by CEPT, SPA, and IIT Alumni who are working round the clock in tweaking our teaching program to best suit the current needs of our students. Having already secured some of the best results in the state in the January JEE exams with a top result of 99.93 percentile and a class average of about 96 percentile we at IGNITE are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to the matter of getting the best out of our students.

The upcoming batches for the next academic year 2020-21 are as follows. The final dates shall be announced once we have clarity over the present conditions.

BatchesTimeScheduled Days Of ClassesTopics
Sunday Batch 109:30AM – 04:30PMAll SundaysNATA + JEE B.ARCH, NID. NIFT
Sunday Batch 209:30AM – 04:30PMAll SundaysNATA + JEE B.ARCH, NID. NIFT
Repeater Batch 110:00AM – 03:30PMMonday to Friday ClassesNATA + JEE B.ARCH, NID. NIFT
Repeater Batch 210:00AM – 03:30PMMonday to Friday ClassesNATA + JEE B.ARCH, NID. NIFT
Repeater Batch 310:00AM – 03:30PMMonday to Friday ClassesNATA + JEE B.ARCH, NID. NIFT
Vacation Batch09:30AM – 04:30PMChristmas Holidays
Vacation Batch (Gulf)09:30AM – 04:30PMDates to be announced later
Crash Batch 109:30AM – 04:30PMNATA, JEE
Crash Batch 209:30AM – 04:30PMNATA, JEE
Crash Batch 309:30AM – 04:30PMNATA, JEE
Crash Batch 409:30AM – 04:30PMNATA
Crash Batch 509:30AM – 04:30PMNATA

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