NATA 2024 Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide to the New Exam Pattern and Updates

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) has undergone a significant transformation in 2024, bringing forth exciting changes for aspiring architects. In this blog post, we will delve into the revamped exam pattern, eligibility criteria, and crucial details that every NATA 2024 candidate should be aware of.

New Exam Pattern:
The most striking change in NATA 2024 is the revamped exam pattern. The Council of Architecture (COA) has reintroduced the drawing section as an essential part of the examination. The exam now comprises two parts – Part A focuses on Drawing, and Part B assesses General Aptitude. To qualify, candidates must score a minimum of 20 marks in Part A and 30 marks in Part B, with a combined cut-off score of 70 out of 200.

Extended Validity:
In a welcoming move, the validity of NATA scores has been extended to two years. This allows candidates more flexibility in planning their academic and professional trajectories. It also provides an opportunity for those who might need additional time for preparation or wish to explore other avenues before applying to architecture schools.

Attempts and Best Score Consideration:
Candidates can now appear for the NATA exam up to three times. The best score among these attempts will be considered for ranking purposes. This modification provides students with the chance to showcase their improvement and strive for their highest potential in subsequent attempts.

Application and Exam Timeline:
The application process for NATA 2024 kicked off in March. The examination window spans from April to July, and the exams are scheduled on weekends, allowing flexibility for students to participate without disrupting their regular academic commitments. It’s crucial for aspirants to plan their application submission and exam preparation within this timeframe.

Aspiring architects gearing up for NATA 2024 are in for a dynamic experience with the revamped exam pattern, extended score validity, and enhanced attempts flexibility. Embrace these changes, meticulously prepare for the drawing and aptitude sections, and make the most of the extended validity to craft a successful journey into the world of architecture. Best of luck on your NATA 2024 adventure!

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