For B.Tech candidates, Kerala Technological University also known as APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University is a state university established by Kerala government which is headquartered in Trivandrum city.Ignite is The Best Institution for B.tech in Thrissur.

The university aims in regulating, coordinating, supervising, guiding, and providing leadership in all angles of engineering and technological education and research in Kerala state. KTU has its headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram and the authority expand to the whole state of Kerala.

<>The Best Institution for B.tech in Thrissur

This is established as a teaching and affiliating university.    

The Main Objectives Of KTU University

  • It aims to give technology-related policy preparation and Engineering planning for the state.
  • It underlines to promote the academic standards of the graduate, research programs, and postgraduate programmes in engineering science, management, and technology.
  • To manage the academic level of all colleges affiliated to the university.
  • Conducting engineering courses in the state are in accordance with law, guidelines, and orders issued by the university.

    <>The Best Institution for B.tech in Thrissur

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  • To enhance and broadcast learning and knowledge in engineering sciences and allied fields by nurturing and promoting engineering research.
  • To outline new courses and curriculum based on the advances in accordance with the norms laid down by the AICTE.
  • To act as a central agency for linkages in the field of engineering science, management, and technology with other international and national institution.
  • To encourage scholarly education and research in the field of engineering, technology, science, and management.
  • To encourage the perks of knowledge in a rapidly developing and changing society and to continually tender opportunities for upgrading knowledge.
  • To provide training with the use of technologies and modern communication media for the betterment of skills appropriate for a teaching society in the context of research, innovations, and discovery by determining educational network related to engineering sciences.


KTU Relaxes From Year Out Rules

You might be knowing about students protest against the year out plans of KTU. Their strong protest forced the government to intervene in the issue. After their protest, the new norms had arisen with a relaxation of three to two levels.

Their protest leads to a meeting held in the presence of many dignitaries. The year back system is not completely taken back but the management had reduced the credit requirements and changed the frequency.

The requirement of KTU students was to roll back the year back system completely but this is not made practical to make it possible. As per the new amendments the year back system is as follows:


The modifications made by the cell for KTU candidates are:

  • For B.tech candidates, year backs have been filtered to two levels.
  • The first year back will be done in the fifth semester or third year with 26 credits from S1 and S2.
  • The second-year back will be held in the 7th semester or the fourth year with 52 credits form S1, S2, S3, S4.
  • There will be a meeting for students with the university at least once a semester.
  • Arts fest and state-level sports will be held in every year.
  • The new IT cell will be made applicable
  • Exams results and revaluation results will be published soon.
  • Those who didn’t achieve the targeted credits will be allowed to write the supplementary exams.

Check The Current Status Of KTU Semesters

SemesterMinimum Cumulative Credits(Existing)Minimum Cumulative Credits(Revised)Remarks
FirstNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNo change In Rule
SecondNot Insisted
Not InsistedNo change In Rule
ThirdNot InsistedNot InsistedNo change In Rule
Fourth26 Credits From S1&S2
Not Insisted
Minimum Credit requirement Shifted To 5th Semester
FifthNot Insisted
26 Credits From S1 & S2
26 Credits From S1 & S2 For Registering 5th semester
Sixth71 Credits From S1 to S4
Not Insisted
Minimum Credit requirement Shifted To 7th Semester
SeventhNot Insisted
52 Credits From S1 to S452 Credits From S1 to S4 For Registering 7th Semester
Eighth117 Credits From S1 to S6
Not Insisted
Minimum Credit Requirement Removed

Branches Of KTU University


  • Applied Electronics & Instrumentation(CE)
  • Civil Engineering(CE)
  • Computer Science & Engineering(CS)
  • Electrical And Electronics Engineering(EEE)
  • Electronics And Communication Engineering(EC)
  • Information Technology(IT)
  • Mechanical Engineering(ME)
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineering(IC)
  • Biomedical Engineering(BM)
  • Automobile Engineering(AU)
  • Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering(BT)
  • Chemical Engineering(CH)
  • Industrial Engineering(IE)
  • Naval Architecture And Ship Building(SB)
  • Production Engineering(M)
  • Safety And Fire Engineering(FS)
  • Food Technology(FT)
  • Mechatronics(MR)
  • Aeronautical Engineering(AO)
  • Metallurgy(MT)


Detailed syllabus for every branch is available on the official website of Kerala technological university. Now admission for engineering has reduced a little. KTU syllabus has become a nightmare for several students.

It is commented that KTU syllabus is very tuff that a student needs to strive hard to get the minimum pass mark. But does this really make any sense? In Kerala, all other universities like Anna, MG, Calicut etc are combined as one and named Kerala Technology University.

Therefore the syllabus will be the combination of all these individual universities. Later there was no year back system for B.Tech candidates in the name of credits. But now the situation changed, the year back is the main issue for KTU students.

The candidate needs to possess twenty-six credits from the first and second semester in order to register the fifth semester. Those aspirants holding less than 26 credits will be considered as a failure. he/she need to take the supplementary exam to improve their credit.

If he/she fails to meet the credit even by attending the supply chances they will be treated as a year out candidate.


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The Best Institution for B.tech in Thrissur


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