NATA 2020 – Whats new ??

With the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) being conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA) approaching fast, students are hot on their heels in the preparations for the exams being conducted in the month of April. Now students must be aware by now of the general mark distribution and syllabus in accordance with the past few years. But with the recently released syllabus and exam patterns, there are a few tweaks and modifications with respect to past years and students will be smart to go through them immediately because it gives them a directive to assess their study plan and modify them according to the mark weightage and importance.


now traditionally we all know that the NATA exam is out of 200 marks and mainly consists of 3 sections.

  1. quantitative aptitude (mathematics)
  2. general aptitude
  3. drawing test

while the general pattern remains the same a few minor changes have been introduced this year. Now given below are two tables that show the mark distributions in the year 2019 and 2020.

Syllabus for NATA 2020


Now if we observe closely we will notice a few modifications in the upcoming NATA exam in modification to the previous years.

  1. From 2 drawing questions for 80 marks in the previous years, they have introduced 3 questions for 125 marks this year.
  2. the weightage for maths has been reduced drastically to 22.5 marks for 15 questions which also could include basic questions from physics and chemistry.
  3. Lastly, general aptitude mark weightage stands at 52.5  marks for 35 questions.

This year’s exam pattern has shown a trend of reverting back to the old patterns when maths was just being introduced as a subject in this entrance test. With more importance and mark weightage being given to drawing tests students shall be advised to hone their drawing skills in the upcoming months.

as shown in the above table there are 3 drawing questions

  • two questions of 35 marks each
  • one question for 55 marks

Now based on their current syllabus it should be safe to say that 55 mark questions will be question-based on perspective while the two 35 mark questions could be from topics such as logo designing (2D composition) and 3D composition from light and shadows.


Now that we have given you an idea as to what to expect from this year’s modified pattern hope you prepare accordingly.

Godspeed aspirants !!!!





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