JEE Main 2021 Question Paper Analysis of Paper I & II

JEE Main 2021 Question Paper Analysis of Paper I & II

Have you just given your JEE…?” Wondering whether you attempted each section appropriately?

If yes, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step analysis of the exam this year.

Our analysis is based on reports obtained from students nationwide and their opinion of the exam 2021.

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 22,748 candidates appeared for the JEE-architecture exam in 2021.

Exam Pattern of JEE Main 2021 Paper 2 for Bplan/BArch

The JEE Paper 2 was of three-hour duration and had three sections.

For the total 77 questions that were asked, answering correctly can help you gain +4 marks while an incorrect answer results in a loss of one mark.

The JEE Main Paper 2 carried 400 marks, and the drawing questions carried 50 marks each. (2×50=100).

Let us discuss how each one of them was perceived by students. 

The memory-based session for aptitude

Traditional question-solving techniques may take about 3 minutes per question. For various students around the country, this resulted in a significant loss of time. 

However, several IGNITE students called and informed us shortly after the exam that the shortcut techniques taught to them were immensely helpful in arriving at the right answer within a matter of seconds.

Aptitude questions were asked for the following :

  • Image of Nalanda university
  • Match the following for images and their places
  • Find plans and elevation
  • Find out the odd figure
  • Cool colour scheme
  • Counting of  square
  • Mirror image and embedded image
  • God of small things: Arundhati Roy
  • Volume zero book: Charles coria
  • Architect of Akshardham temple
  • Agenda 21 related to sustainable development


As per the information gathered from our students, regular mock tests and training helped in reinforcing their core fundamental concepts, and they were able to solve most of the Math questions with ease.

Students were also able to finish all the questions within the available time frame. Although the Math questions were slightly tough, IGNITE students were able to crack it quite easily as many questions were similar to those they have attended during our mock tests.

In the 2021 question Paper, several questions were asked that are tricky.

  • Many questions form straight lines.
  • One question from derivatives
  • Questions from mathematical reasoning
  • Questions from the conic section, vectors, and 3D images

At IGNITE we teach our students that the JEE Paper 2 exam is not about knowledge, but a battle between time and knowledge. Many of our students have been thankful for the mock tests we have conducted which have significantly improved their answering speed, enabling them to complete the entire test within the stipulated time.


The drawing questions were relatively easy for all our students due to the intensive coaching we have given them.

All our faculty members in Architectural drawing are products of elite architectural institutions across the country. They have in-depth knowledge of preparing students to answer drawing-related questions for the JEE Paper 2 exam.

The 2020 drawing questions consist of:

Portrait from a given figure with rendering back and white with the same scale

To draw the scenery of a kite festival and color it


3D composition:

Cuboid A:2cmx2cmx2cm Cuboid B:5 cmx2 cm x2 cm

As we have thoroughly trained all our IGNITE students into the concepts of drawing

  • Human figure
  • 3D images
  • Light and shadows
  • Perspective drawing etc 

Answering the drawing questions was a piece of cake for them.

Rank details of Last years results(2020)

Expected cut off mark

  • Aptitude: Difficulty level-Average & Simple.(175-185) for securing 99 percentile.
  • Mathematics: Difficult level intermediate 25-35 for securing 99 percentile.
  • Drawing: Very easy(If you have prepared beforehand and have a good understanding of perspective, proportions, and scale).

Bottom Line

This year 23000 appeared for the JEE Paper 2 exam which was least expected while the whole country is battling against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The questions were tough,  specifically for math and aptitude areas, but those who had prepared well enough were able to answer all the questions within time/

If for some reason, you could not perform well in the JEE Paper 2 exam 2021, there is always a second attempt that you may take. After all, failure is the stepping stone to success.

At IGNITE, our experienced faculty members will carefully study your pain points and provide you with a unique blend of study patterns and training to secure a better grade next time. Just give us a call, and we will be happy to help you.

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