JEE Main 2020 is the national level undergraduate engineering entrance exam which will be conducted twice a year, once in January and then again in April. Since the exam will be held twice, candidates will have to be pre-prepared to be able to appear in the first attempt in January.
JEE Exams are scheduled to be conducted from January 6th to 11th. Based on the discussions Ignite had with the students appeared the exam on 06-01-2020 shared that the exam difficulty level was moderate.
Review 1: According to Aparna for aptitude section she has done well with 45 questions and is confident with the answers. For mathematics section apart from non-negative marks she has answered about 7-8 questions. And, drawing was very easy.
Review 2: Sharing the review, MANU shared that the drawing section was the best and found difficulty in solving questions from Mathematics.
Review3: Jeslin reviewed that her exam was good and could not attempt all the questions from Mathematics. Also the aptitude section was pretty easy.

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JEE Main Architecture 2019 Cut-off for Various NIT

Why Choose Ignite?
Ignite is the Pioneer in NATA/JEE-2 coaching that can be your design career guide. NATA Exam is not that easy as you think, hard work and dedication is the key steps towards the success. And you need a professional help in getting you well prepared to crack NATA exam. There are two stage tests: Drawing Test and Aesthetic Sensitivity Test. Ignite provide interactive, productive training sessions for each so that you can enjoy your learning in here.
We have a rich team of highly knowledgeable professionals, both technical and non-technical experts to train you the best for NATA exam. We know exactly how to mould each student for the exam, considering their interests and weaker parts in studies. Ignite is the right place for a student who has lots of dreams to accomplish, have the heart to work and is determined to reach the goal. Also if not, don’t worry, w can help you out.

Our Previos Year Results
We know the importance of motivating students for their higher performances.
Let us have a look at the latest result of our JEE students
➔ More than 3 students have scored above 99 percent in the exam ➔ More than 24 students have scored above 95 percent in the exam. This number is out of our 160 students in the latest batch of JEE-2 exam. We should also thank our expert faculties who helped ignitians to score well.
What students need for success is motivation and guidance along with comprehensive learning.
This kind of meritorious performance has also been rendered by our other students for different exams.
How do they achieved all these?
Want to know the success stories of Ignitians with NATA and JEE Arch coaching?


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